INTO THE FUTUREWash your sins away. Or just relax and meditate while you soak - everyone here in Japan seems to enjoy bathing in hot springs, onsen in Japanese, of which there are over 2,000 on our volcanic islands. Onsen and many of the traditional resorts that have built up around them are entertaining spots to familiarize yourself with the culture of the country while getting to feel good. And onsen waters are allegedly curative for indispositions like neuralgia, gastroenteritis, respiratory problems, and all sorts of other ailments, as well as for the beautification of the skin. Here balneotherapy comes in many shapes, public and private, gender mixed or exclusive, indoors and outdoors, and, after all, once you're naked, egalitarianism even in status-loving Japan is unavoidable. On a chilly night, it's a ne place to chat a bit with the locals. And even Tokyo offers several onsen. Guest Relations will point you in the right direction. 9

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