On January 16th, the Imperial Hotel Group, including our premier accommodations in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as the Kamikochi Imperial Hotel and the Crest Hotel Kashiwa, was selected as the 2016 recipient of the Eco Mark Award Gold Prize—the highest honor bestowed by the Japan Environment Association Eco Mark Ofce. As the rst organization within the “Hotels & Inns” category to be presented with this distinguished accolade, we are delighted by this announcement, which we believe represents a testament to the success of our continued commitment to environmentally sustainable luxury.ENVIRONMENTALLY YOURS“I M P E R I A L T I M E S O N C E A N D F U T U R E L E G A C I E S “In salute to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Frank Lloyd Wright, a new lounge area in the hotel's Main Lobby now features a number of architectural motifs and a display of relics from our fabled 1923 hotel. The newly designed lounge incorporates various signature elements from Wright's elaborate landmark and currently houses a display of original terra cotta relics, graphic designs, tableware, furniture, soap, architectural drawings and other historical items. The present exhibit continues through the end of January, 2018. 26

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