The convivial main dining area in the Inspired lighting in this gracious space Sizzling on the griddle before you in 13illuminates a sleek wall of flowing brush strokes accentuated with rich sheen, providing each of its patrons with a highly pleasurable stage, where the stars are you, your guests, and the seductive cuisine in front of you. Sit back and bask in the serendipitous company of the chefs and those around you, as you indulge in some of Tokyo's most delicious dishes. This is an art form lavished on epicurean creativity.freshly redesigned Kamon restaurant features subtle notes from a classical Japanese palette of ivories and pewters. Here, abundantly capable chefs chop, roast, swirl and toss ingredients as beautiful to look at as they are to savor. Glossy, lacquer-like surfaces and understated accents highlight the room's ambiance of restraint and omotenashi aromatic symphony of irresistible scents and sounds, Kamon's sumptuous teppanyaki entrees boast the hand-picked choices of career cuisiniers dedicated to an uncompromising state-of-the-art artistry, Imperial Hotel style. Let the opulent temptations on our richly varied menus dazzle and inspire you. And take home some truly precious epicurean memories from the extraordinary Japanese capital.

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