Couvert is cutlery in French, and Couvert's Here's a coffee house as inviting and 6exuberant as colorful Osaka itself. The Imperial Hotel, Osaka's sleek, new Cafe Couvert off the Main Lobby awaits you for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, with genial, attentive service all day. Plentiful, healthy buffets let you begin your day your way. And at your own pace.shines. As do its clean, uncluttered interiors and extra-comfortable seating. Here is an alluring space with quiet good taste and abundant sunshine, enhanced by riverside views of spring blossoms, summer festival fireworks, fall foliage and Holiday Season illumination. Some of the most representative scenery Osaka has to offer.Osaka Imperial's Newest Star:Meet the SparklLet Us Present the ing Cafe Couvert

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