As the merchant culture in Edo during the Tokugawa Era spent their eorts cultivating gorgeous expressions of individual auence in all areas of artistic endeavors, craftsmen in Edo began to challenge development of various advanced dyeing techniques. Japan has its own cut glass: Edokiriko, Edo being the old name for the city of Tokyo, and kiriko meaning the technique of cutting. Edokiriko began in 1834 with the production in Edo of a manufacturing method in which clear colors and delicate patterns are cut into glass. Japanese artisans were taught by a British specialist brought in to introduce cut glass technology to Japan. Every first and third Sunday of the month when it’s not raining, a mere three short blocks away from The Imperial lies a vast and diverse array of antique, art and curio dealers, spread out through the leafy, open air courtyard of the Tokyo International Forum from mid morning to late afternoon. Anyone with any interest in Japanese artifacts, ne art or folk art will nd this colorful panorama of exotic temptations a totally fascinating experience.21

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