4The many faces of the Japanese capital never fail to catch the eye. Start your exploration in happily intimidating Shinjuku, perhaps at the charmingly postwar, endearingly seedy Golden Gai district of tiny, locally-minded, down-to-earth bars where writers and authors were born in earlier times and reality blends with a dreamy, surreal oddness. The sheer closeness of the very small spaces inside lends to making new friends. Go on to Omoide Yokocho, a similar district, or Yakitori Yokocho, for skewered barbecued tidbits. Shinjuku is also the home of unique, delightfully innovative “real escape” games, fun trap outlets, haunted houses, the famed robot cafes, costume play bars, and cat cafes (where you can pet all kinds of cats), just for starters. Shinjuku truly has something for every taste, both naughty and nice, yet many of these bizarre entertainment options are found in other sections of Tokyo as well. YIELD TO YOUR CURIOSITY ANDTHE LURE OF THE LANE.

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