8In Japan, a country obsessed with ne seafood, it was not surprising to find a seafood restaurant in the finest French tradition. Modeled after a Parisian seafood restaurant of the same name, The Prunier was first opened in the Tokyo Kaikan, run by the Imperial Hotel, in 1934. At The Prunier, one could view the cooks in action, and, at the same time, the cooks could see the diners and pace the serving of the next course. Since 1983, The Prunier held a yearly Bouillabaisse Fairs and a summer Abalone Fair, which proved to be very popular.SEAFOOD PRUNIERIn 1940 the restaurant moved to the Wright designed Imperial Hotel, and in 1970 to the mezzanine of the new Main Building. Every morning, the Prunier chef made a visit to the hotel's loading dock to inspect the fish as it came in by suppliers from the nearby Tokyo sh market at Tsukiji.

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