8Nobuo Murakami became the 11th executive chef of the Imperial Hotel in 1969, at the young age of 48. He had been recruited as a cook at the age of 18 by the Imperial Hotel - his long-sought goal. That year he was deployed to Shandong in China. He returned home from detention in Siberia at the end of the war to work at the Imperial Hotel for the first time in nearly six years. Only three of thirteen cooks from the hotel survived the war. The Imperial Hotel resumed normal operations after the Occupation and started to serve French dishes again. Tetsuzo Inumaru, Imperial President, was dissatisfied with American food and decided to dispatch his cooks to France for training. It must have taken great courage to go to Europe at that time. When, in the summer of 1954, Murakami was asked by the president if he would undergo training in France, he immediately answered: “I'd love to”. In fact, the president did not expect such an immediate reply from someone ranked ninth in the hierarchical order, and asked him: “Why don't you consult your family?” Murakami answered clearly: “I can convince my family later.” NOBUO

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