9MURAKAMIHis pregnant wife, who was raising two young daughters, gave her approval without hesitation. Once in Paris, Murakami studied the cuisine at the highest-class hotels: Hôtel Crillon, Hôtel Ritz, Hôtel Meurice, and Hôtel George V. He decided to intern at The Ritz. Murakami experienced difficulties right from the start. For many French people who had lost their families and friends in the war, he was regarded as a man from an enemy country. However, his talent at judo saved him. He had a black belt and impressed his colleagues with his refined technique. They stopped calling him “petit Japonais” or “Mura” and started to respect him as “Monsieur Murakami”. After receiving a number of medals of honor from France and serving as the executive chef of the Imperial Hotel, he appeared in a TV program entitled The Dish of the Day on NHK for nine years. During the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Murakami served as the head chef for the athlete's residential village. Japan was praised as a developed country thanks to his efforts. In 2003, he was awarded L’Ordre des Mérite Agricole Chevaliers.

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