8KABUKI-ZAKabuki is one of Japan's traditional performing arts. The word "kabuki" comes from the Japanese verb "kabuku" meaning "to deviate from the normal manners and customs" or "to do something absurd." The practice of "kabuki-dori", where people would dress up and imitate "kabukimono" who wore outlandish clothes and refused to follow societal rules, is considered the roots of what is now known as kabuki theater. With over 400 years of history, this attitude of trying to entertain people without paying mind to existing conventions has been passed down through kabuki, which over the years has given birth to spectacular forms of costumes, stage settings, lighting and electrifying musical accompaniment. Kabuki-za, the main theater for kabuki, is within easy walking distance of The Imperial. With its attractive facade, which conveys its history and tradition, Kabuki-za is an excellent place to experience Japanese theatre, as well as an innovative spot to buy souvenirs of your trip to Japan.The Concierge desk in the Main Lobby will be delighted to provide you with directions, reservations and further assistance.

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