9Ginza is an area known worldwide for its marvelously diverse and sophisticated shopping. But there's more to it than just that. Established in 1895, we invite you to explore Rengatei, an historic restaurant known nationally for popularizing Western-style foods in Japan, called yohshoku, or simply translated, western foods. It is unique.This restaurant is in fact the origin of many dishes that are now considered home staples in Japan, such as omu-rice, fried oysters, and pork cutlets. Many famous kabuki actors and authors have always patronized this landmark. Here is an intriguing chance to sample some of the creative Japanization of traditional western dishes, in a style now thought to be thorougly Japanese. GINZALANDMARKSHoused in an utterly charming traditional wooden building that has remained in Ginza since the early Showa period, Sakagura Chichibu Nishiki allows you to enjoy Japanese sake in warm and atmospheric surroundings. Passing under the door curtain and sliding open the door, it feels as if you've travelled back in time to the Showa or Taisho period. In the nostalgic interiors of this bar, you might feel history seeping out of its solid wood counters.Why not try some traditional Japanese Western-style cuisine at Rengaya, and follow it up with sake in this most beguilingly historic building?

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