10Ginza is also known for its art, having been home to many galleries for many years. The Okuno Building, originally known as the Ginza Apartments, was originally conceived as a high-class apartment building. It has stood in Ginza for over 85 years. It's a strange sight to see in Ginza, an area now full of modern office buildings. Many designs from when it was first built are still there, and as you step into the building, it feels both retro and modern at the same time. It's a splendid chance to step back a bit and savor what Japan was like when it first became westernized. The elevator, said to be the first elevator in a residential building in Japan, is still in operation, though the door has to be opened and closed manually! The floor indicator in the elevator is just as it was when the Okuno Building was first built, with an arrow indicating the current floor. Now the building is filled with galleries and antique shops, preserving Ginza traditions and providing a new location for art. Explore the narrow corridors and low ceilings, peeking into gallery after gallery, where you'll discover some very unusual collections of art. The building has miraculously survived both World WarⅡ and the frenetic building mania of 1980. Why not take a look at the Okuno Building the next time you're walking around Ginza? The Concierge in the Lobby knows exactly how you can get there on foot.

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