20Stately Osaka Castle stands out vividly in the background of illuminated pale pink cherry blossoms along the ramparts of the castle in central Osaka. Guests at The Imperial in Osaka should also inquire about the best dates to view the truly extraordinary array of different and rare cherry blossoms lining the paths to the old Mint along the Okawa River, not far from the hotel. The nighttime views are nothing but enchanting. The concierge will be delighted to direct you. We suggest you take a bottle of hot sake and a blanket along with you, and dress warmly.Sheer beauty typifies the culmination of the cherry blossom season, when the petals are swept into the air by the breezes and create a kind of magnificent pink snowfall. By the Eighth Century, the word flowers in both classical waka and haiku poetry meant cherry blossoms. The delicate petals whirling in a breeze above a carpet of lush moss below are quintessential encounters of a unique Japanese sensibility.

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