1AS WE LOOK BACKOVER ONE HUNDREDThe Imperial Hotel was founded in 1890 to serve as a guest house for dignitaries visiting Japan and we celebrate our 130th Anniversary in 2020. The Imperial was conceived to welcome guests to our exotic shores after the country opened up to the world, and the hotel has proudly continued to evolve with the times. From the Meiji period, when the hotel accommodated guests invited to support the modernization of Japan, through the Taisho Era, when it helped to spread culture at a time when Japan's new identity was on the rise, through the Showa period, when it was requisitioned by the GHQ and saw the exuberance of the rapid growth of Japan, the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Expo '70 in Osaka and the Japanese bubble economy, through the Heisei period, which saw numerous natural disasters ravage the nation, as well as the development of new connections between people in the form of social media, all the way to the current Reiwa period -- The Imperial has received many illustrious visitors, as well as acting as a venue for numerous important international conferences. Famous individuals who have visited the Imperial Hotel include Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher, Helen Keller, Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe and many American presidents.Marilyn Monroe among kimono-clad admirers duringher honeymoon visit to Tokyo. She and Joe diMaggio stayed at The Imperial. AND THIRTY YEARS

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