2THE FOUNDATIONS OF FINE WESTERN DINING IN JAPAN.In 1923 the previous main building of the Imperial Hotel, designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, opened, housing the first grilled food specialty restaurant in Japan. Around 1935, it initiated the serving of game such as pheasant as part of its winter menu. One Imperial Hotel signature dish was born around the same time: the Chaliapin Steak, named after Russian opera singer Feodor Ivanovich Chaliapin. In 1934, the first dedicated fish restaurant in Japan, the Prunier, opened its doors. The format of patrons selecting fresh fish from a showcase and having it prepared in their preferred fashion started at the Prunier. This development in seafood cuisine service in Japan was one of the results of Imperial Hotel chefs spending time learning their crafts in Europe. For Japan, a country with a rich variety of seafood, this new style of restaurant quickly became nationally renowned. At the Imperial Hotel, we take the core principles of French cuisine and aim to create food that matches Japan's climate and natural features. We warmly welcome guests to sample our vast selections during their stay in the capital.Wright's surreal art deco opulence lent an air of extra allure to the more palatable dining options ofluxurious steaks and superb French style seafood at the one-of-a-kind Grill Room and Prunier.THE GRILL ROOM AND THE PRUNIER

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