6TOKYO STATIONTokyo Station made a proud debut in 1914 as the gateway to Japan's capital. Despite being in the center of Tokyo, with millions of people passing through on their way all across the country, the station itself has many interesting things that are worth seeing. The Marunouchi station building was the centralmost station during the modernization of Japan, over many decades of history. It has developed alongside Japan's foremost business district. In 2012, the station was designated as an Important Cultural Property by the government and restored to its original appearance. The building, made of striking red brick, exudes a classical, retro charm perfect for taking photos directly across the square. Looking upward on entering the station building, you will see its beautiful ceiling relief. The yellow octagonal ceiling shows eight heroic eagles and the Chinese zodiac in exquisite detail. The area has been developed under the name Tokyo Station City, as an area that blends past and future, as well as Japanese and foreign culture.

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