Cherry blossoms at Imperial Hotel Osaka

Frenetic, colorful Osaka is the setting of our second urban hotel -- the
patrician, riverside Imperial Hotel, Osaka,
where each year the pastel opalescence of spring brings with it a
tantalizing palette of accommodation choices that make the most of Japan's
legendary cherry blossoms.
Let us entertain you.

Empire Ballroom, Imperial Hotel Osaka

From airy, beautifully appointed ballrooms and tranquil, celestially
situated guestrooms, to extraordinary culinary adventures and warm,
unstudied Kansai hospitality,
here is an Osakan hotel for all seasons, yet particularly irresistible
throughout the spring.

Uozanoma, Imperial Hotel Osaka

The ceiling of our opulent Pisces Ballroom is but one of countless
architectural touches created to regale and relax our guests
no matter where they happen to look.

Imperial Hotel Osaka

Attention to aesthetic detail and fine, state of the art facilities
characterize this landmark hotel with its stunning views of the Okawa River
and some 4,000 soothing cherry trees.

Osaka Shinsekai

Osaka's earthy lure and love of life may be best epitomized by the
energetic, unpretentiously invigorating confusion common to
nearby Shinsekai District and its super postwar Tsutenkaku tower.
For suggestions on discovering Osaka, kindly inquire at the knowledgeable
and obliging Concierge Desk in the Main Lobby.