I f  T o k y o  T a n t a l i z e s, O s a k a  O v e r w h e l m s.

Umeda sky building

Look up; look down. And look again. Closer. The secret to falling in
love with arguably Japan's splashiest, earthiest urban sprawl and
its disarmingly unpretentious natives is to get lost among its
serendipitous magic, and cast your fate to the crowds.
Why not start with an inspection of some of its ingenious
architecture, such as the fetchingly quirky Umeda Sky Building?

Osaka castle

You'll eventually be beckoned to Osaka's iconic landmark,
Osaka Castle. See if you can spot what is ancient and what
merely looks ancient. It's a beautiful and seriously
mesmerizing focal point in the city's proud history, where
you can pretend and probably convince yourself
you were indeed a ninja in your former life.

Tsutenkaku in Shinsekai

Nightlife in this exuberant metropolis exudes a vibrant palette
all its own. And the city is justifiably proud of its diverse and,
importantly, agreeably priced culinary heritage. You pick your
own Osaka favorite: ramen; udon; Japanese beef;
okonomiyaki pancakes; deep fried shishkebab at Shinsekai;
or savory sushi and sashimi - for starters.

Imperial Hotel Osaka

If you're with us in spring, here's a look at how the cherry
blossoms transform our hotel riverfront. Otherworldly.