What is the Tenjin Matsuri Festival ?

The Tenjin Matsuri Festival is known as one of Japan's three largest festivals and is a summer festival held at Osaka Temmangu.
Osaka Temmangu was built in 949, and The Tenjin Matsuri Festival began in 951.
The Osaka Temmangu God is enshrined in the main shrine, however every year on July 25th, The Osaka Temmangu God leaves the main shrine to check if all the shrine parishioners are leading a happy life.
On this auspicious occasion, the elated shrine parishioners hold a parade together with the God.
Every year, more than a million people gather to enjoy the concluding river boats parade and festive fireworks display on the Okawa River besides the Imperial Hotel, Osaka.
With its combination of fire and water, light and shadow, the Tenjin Festival is a one-of-a-kind summer event that's not to be missed.

Dedicated Fireworks

The festival's most exciting moment
The fireworks are known as "Dedicated Fireworks" made to be as spectacular as possible to please the god.
We have the honor of watching the festival with the Gods.

Dedicated Fireworks

Parade for the God, "Rikutogyo and Funatogyo"

The parade for the God starts off on the road, later it moves onto a boat.
The first half on the road is called "Rikutogyo" and a parade of 3,000 people.
The second half on a boat is called "Funatogyo". After boarding a boat, "Funatogyo" begins. They move upstream, make a U-tern and return to where they start. At the same time, another group of boats head downstream, make a U-tern and return to where it starts. These 2 groups of boats are made up of about 100 individual boats, carrying around 10,000 shrine parishioners and viewers.
In addition, about 1 million viewers watch over the "Funatogyo" from the river beds and bridges.

Rikutogyo and Funatogyo

July 24

Yomiya Festival Evening Noh Dance Performance Viewing Plan

Yomiya Festival    Evening Noh Dance Performance Viewing Plan

Enjoy the other-worldly aura of Noh dance performed on a boat illuminated by bonfires.

Charge: 18,500 yen

  • Includes dinner, viewing the performance on a boat, service and sales tax
  • You may also select viewing the Noh performance only (charge per person of 6,000 yen, including consumption tax)

July 25

Festival Day Worship ship (Boat Procession) Plan

Festival Day    Worship ship (Boat Procession) Plan

Enjoy a very special opportunity for viewing the Tenjin Festival from the deck of a special ceremonial lantern-bedecked riverboat, part of the festive boat procession
Dinner will be offered on the riverboat and brought to your table by hotel staff.

Charge: 74,000 yen

  • Riverboat ride charges, Japanese fine cuisine (Osaka Nadaman), special bento lunchbox and free drink included
  • Includes insurance charge, service charge and consumption tax

Hotel dinner and Tenjin Festival Viewing Evening

Hotel dinner and Tenjin Festival Viewing Evening

After a dinner of fine French cuisine you will have front-row seats for viewing the festival climax, the boat procession and the fireworks display.

Empire Room (3rd floor) Veranda seating 28,000 yen
Annex walkway (5th floor) Inside viewing seat 23,000 yen

Includes meal, drinks and observation seating, service charges and consumption tax

Accommodation Plan

Accommodation Plan

Osaka’s summer highlight, the Tenjin Festival is known as one of Japan’s three great festival events. Guests can view the boat procession and fireworks display from their guestroom. Enjoy unrivaled views in every direction from this prime location.

Regular floor, Superior (40m2)
For one room and two guests the room charge is 170,000 yen
For one room and three guests the room charge is 225,000 yen
Imperial floor, Deluxe (40m2)
For one room and two guests the room charge is 190,000 yen

  • Includes one night’s stay, breakfast, service charges, consumption tax and accommodations tax

Restaurant Plan

You can also select a fine dining plan, which pairs a delicious Imperial Hotel meal with viewing the boat procession and the fireworks display for an unforgettable evening.

Restaurant Plan

Café restaurant Flying Tomato Café (2nd floor)
Charge: Adult 21,000 yen, child (aged 4-12) 9,000 yen

Restaurant Plan

Lobby lounge The Park (1st floor)
Charge: Adult 18,000 yen, child (aged 4-12) 9,000 yen

  • All charges include service charges and consumption tax

Displays raising the festive mood of Tenjin-Matsuri
at the 1st floor Lobby of Imperial Hotel, Osaka

Period: From July 1st to July 25th.

1: "Omukae-Ningyo", a Doll to Celebrate the God

During the 17th century, many dolls were made to celebrate the God during the "Funatogyo". These dolls are over 2 meters high and called "Omukae-Ningyo" for welcoming the God. The model for these dolls are based on the main characters from classical Japanese theater, Kabuki and Bunraku puppet shows. In the first half of 19th century, there were over 50 dolls, but currently there are only 16 left. At today's prices, a single doll could cost more than several hundred thousand dollars.
From July 1st to 25th, one of the valuable dolls will be displayed at the 1st lobby of Imperial Hotel, Osaka.

2: "Otori-Mikoshi", the children's Phoenix portable shrine

Otori-Mikoshi, Phoecnix Portable shrine and Tama-Mikoshi are the two great stars of the Festival.
The excitement of the scene rises to the heavens together with their shouts and cheers. Like a battle, emotions are aflame with heated passion.
We will have the gorgeous miniature replica of the full-sized Otori-mikoshi displayed at the 1st lobby.
Every year, on July 24th and 25th, children from the parish parade it around, making a colorful addition to the festivities.



Moments of the TENJIN MATSURI Festivals

Moments of the TENJIN MATSURI Festivals