Beautiful Experience of Japanese Wedding Ceremony and Photo

Imperial Weddings

The Imperial has seen a number of brides over a period of more than 130 years since its opening.
With both our inherited and cultivated traditions, and our refined hospitality
we can give the happy couple a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience which is truly unique.
Here in this historic setting, we hold perfectly traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies that
have been long treasured since we first opened our doors.
It is our hope that your big day will be a wonderful one, filled with warm blessings and smiles.

A Traditional Japanese Wedding

The Imperial is renowned for having produced the first model in Japan of the “hotel wedding”, with a shrine, beauty salon and photography studio established inside the hotel so that every part of the wedding - from preparations to the actual ceremony and subsequent wedding reception - can be held within the same hotel.
The shrine can be described as the perfect place for a wedding, as it enshrines Izanagi and Izanami from the Taga-taisha shrine in Shiga Prefecture, the first god “couple”, who produced Japan and the gods of all creation.
The Nagashima-style wedding first inherited by The Imperial was produced during the Meiji period.
Nagashima-style weddings, in which the complex Shinto wedding program was arranged to make it easier for everyday people to hold, became popular after the wedding of Emperor Taisho and have been carefully perpetuated down to this day. The main feature and tradition of a Nagashima-style wedding is that the bride moves to the side of the bridegroom after the bride and groom face each other, performing the traditional exchange of cups of sake and offer of the sprigs of a sacred tree.

Beautiful Kimono Wedding

Over more than 130 years since its birth as the State Guest House of Japan, The Imperial has interwoven tradition and friendly hospitality. The Imperial also highly values the kimono as Japan’s national costume, guarding it as a traditional culture of which Japan is rightly proud, with the hope of preserving this culture into the future.
On the Imperial Floor of the Imperial Hotel, full-time guest attendants (room clerks) dressed in kimono provide various forms of assistance during one’s stay in order to make guests feel comfortable.
Likewise, since our desire is for the bride to wear a genuine kimono, we have many bridal garments available that have been classically designed with great care by first-class kimono makers, perpetuating this traditional art of Japan.

Wedding Plans



Traditional Japanese wedding experiences in beautiful kimono and hakama. It includes a ceremony and commemorative photographs.

530,000 yen per couple

Plan Content
Shinto-style wedding ceremony at shrine, garments,
hair and make-up, dressing, studio photography (two poses),

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Chapters from the life of a Tokyo Legend

The Imperial was created in Hibiya, Tokyo in the year 1890 as the “State Guest House of Japan” to welcome guests of honor from overseas. Japan’s premier ornaments and tableware were used within the building in order to produce a venue that would convey the wonders of Japanese culture to foreign countries. Also, many ideas that had not been found in Japanese hotels up to that point were successively implemented to provide hospitality for foreign guests far away from home, including the establishment of facilities such as a post office and a bakery (so that freshly baked bread was always available) inside the hotel.


  • The annual general meeting of IMF

    The Imperial Hotel has greeted a large number of honored guests throughout its more than 130-year history, and it has also ranked up impressive results as being selected as the venue for many large-scale conventions from around the world.
    The annual general meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a world-class international convention attended by a total of 20,000 VIPS from the financial ministries and central banks of 188 nations, was held in Tokyo in October 2012. The Imperial Hotel was designated as the main venue and held the reception hosted by the Prime Minister and various other events, as well as providing the accommodation for VIPS from all countries of the world, and we greeted all attendees in the spirit of hospitality.

  • Cusine

    “Another Paris, right here.” The French cuisine of The Imperial has been oft praised by foreign chefs.
    In maintenance of this tradition, there is extraordinary attention given to the ingredients and preparations in a setting that has been enjoyed by many guests.
    The highest levels of flavor are crafted through processes which ensure that the ingredients are presented at their most delicious, with impeccable preparations.

  • Hospitalities

    The Imperial has come to be loved by celebrities the world over. Praise for the high quality of its hospitality has been heard from all over the world.
    Our doormen remember the names of our hundreds of individual guests, as well as their car registration numbers, and our concierges will respond to the many various wishes of our guests. The very essence of the Imperial is in its world-leading standards of hospitality and perfect knowledge of protocols for attending to guests of honor and important persons from all over the world.

  • Celebrities, Royalty, Heads of
    State-Welcoming the World with Dazzle

    Dignitaries, world stars and prominent business leaders congregate at The Imperial for a very simple reason: where else in this glamorous Far Eastern metropolis can guests rely on the comforting professionalism in 12 decades of expertise with welcoming august personages and the world's most demanding VIPs?

  • Magic of Frank Lloyd Wright;
    an Imperial Legacy from 1923

    In 1923 we commissioned one of the West's most controversial and innovative architects to design a fabulous one-of-a-kind hotel just for us.
    The dramatically talented Frank Lloyd Wright presented us with a lavish, unforgettable heritage of extraordinary style and indelible beauty, a rare salute to the aesthetics of art deco, elaborately carved oya stone, and the genius of America's most creative architect.

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