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Japanese Cuisine

Recently designated an Intangible Cultural Property by UNESCO, the appeal of traditional Japanese cuisine is now happily universal. Enjoy some of the capital's very finest teppanyaki, tempura, sushi and other traditional favorites during your stay at the Imperial Hotel.


Teppanyaki is a worldwide favorite of Japanese cuisine. Our Kamon teppanyaki dining room on the 17th Floor of the Main Building boasts delicious open-grill specialties from fresh seafoods and succulent local beef.


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The tempura restaurant in The Imperial is invariably popular with overseas guests, serving crispy fried seasonal specialties. Visit Ten-ichi on LL1 in the Imperial Hotel Plaza for a surprisingly tasty epicurean adventure.


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The Imperial Hotel offers two fine sushi restaurants. At both, expert chefs fully versed in the art of sushi display their impressive skills.

Japanese Cuisine

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Kaiseki is Japanese cuisine featuring exquisitely prepared original dishes in wonderful originality including sashimi and tempura. A la carte choices are also available, letting you choose your favorite ingredients. Serving the very best of traditional Japanese food at the Imperial Hotel are Tokyo Kitcho, Tokyo Nadaman, and Isecho, as well as the contemporary Japanese restaurant, the San Applause, a part of the Nadaman group.


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