Imperial Club International Regulations

1. Membership Qualifications

1) Established and frequent guests of the Imperial Hotel residing outside Japan.

2) Invited guests of the Imperial Hotel.
Club membership will be granted only to guests age 20 or above who satisfy either of the above requirements. Applicants who are found ineligible under the terms described in Article 7 of Imperial Club International Regulations will be denied membership.

2. Membership Fees


3. Invitation to Join

Fill in the required items on the application form.

4. Membership Cards

1) A membership card will be issued to each member.

2) Use of the membership card is restricted to the cardholder whose name is on the card.

3) The card is non-transferable.

4) Card must be presented to receive benefits and privileges.

5) Please ask the hotel to reissue your membership card if it is lost, stolen or damaged.

5. Settlement of Accounts

Accounts should be settled by either cash or a recognized credit card upon departure.

6. Change of Address

Please notify the hotel of any change of address, telephone number, employment, e-mail address, and other important information that was included at the time of membership acceptance.

7. Cancellation of Membership

1) Whenever a member violates the hotel's regulations in relation to the use of its accommodations or its premises.

2) Whenever false information is submitted.

3) Whenever the member's conduct is deemed unworthy.

4) Whenever privileges are not used at least once during the five-year membership period.

5) Whenever the hotel is not advised of a member's change of address and whereabouts become unknown.

6) Whenever hotel charges are unpaid or the member cannot pay by standard payment procedures.

7) When any member's behavior is deemed by the hotel to be inappropriate.

8. Other Guidelines

1) For reservations, contact your travel agent or our international sales offices. To qualify for member privileges and benefits, kindly be sure to provide your membership number to your agent or the hotel staff when placing your reservations for each visit. Privileges can not be extended when booking without this information.

2) Changes to these regulations will be announced on our website and effective form the date specified.

3) Privileges and benefits are offered only after members receive their cards.

4) These regulations apply to members who are registered prior to October 23rd, 2018.

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