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Home Screen Guidance

(1) Notifications
Keep up to date with the latest MY IMPERIAL service.
(2) Hotel Link Menu
Tap to go to the official hotel website or log out.
(3) NEWS
Seasonal information from our hotels.
(4) Coupons
See your Exclusive Coupons(discount or complimentary) available to enjoy at our hotels.
(5) Membership Card
If you are a member of Imperial Club International, tap to show your Digital Membership Card.
(6) Change Registered Information
You can change some of your registered information here.
(7) Online Room Reservation
Take you to the room reservation sites for each hotel.
* Additional registration required.

Show your Membership Card at the following locations to receive special benefits.

Imperial Hotels in Tokyo and Osaka (including the Imperial Hotel Arcade and the Imperial Hotel Plaza), Kamikochi Imperial Hotel, Imperial Hotel Limousine, The Crest Hotel Kashiwa, overseas affiliates hotel, and Imperial Club Grace partner companies.

  • *
    Cannot be used at other locations.

How to Use Exclusive Coupons

  1. STEP01

    News about coupons is indicated by an exclamation mark ! on the Coupons button.

  2. STEP02

    Tap the Coupons button and select the one you want to use.

  3. STEP03

    Check the description of the coupon, then press the "Use Now" button when you go to pay.

  4. STEP04

    The screen will show the coupon with a bar code. Please show this to the member of staff taking your payment.

    • *
      Displayed coupons must be used within 30 minutes.
    • *
      Each coupon can only be used once.

How to Use Digital Membership Card

Just show your smartphone screen to take advantage of membership benefits.

  1. STEP01

    Tap the Membership Card button and select a Membership Card.

  2. STEP02

    The screen will show the selected Membership Card with a bar code. Please show this at the reception desk.

  3. STEP03

    You can now take advantage of all your membership benefits. Please note that the displayed Membership Card cannot be used as a credit card.


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