Greetings from the General Manager

Established in 1933 as Japan's inaugural mountain resort, the Kamikochi Imperial Hotel has been an esteemed destination for over 90 years. We extend our deepest thanks for your continued support. Nestled in the Chubu-Sangaku National Park, Kamikochi boasts breathtaking natural beauty, and is recognized both as a "Place of Scenic Beauty" and a "Special Natural Monument." This pristine environment, preserved and enhanced by those before us, is truly irreplaceable.

Upon becoming general manager, the notion of "budding" resonated with me. It's my hope that our connection with Kamikochi will grow stronger through the seasons, fostering new relationships in this special locale. Aligned with the splendor of Kamikochi's natural surroundings, its community, and its culture, we look ahead to nurturing growth and discovery.

What more can we offer our guests and Kamikochi itself? We're committed to uncovering fresh avenues for development, aiming to ensure the Imperial Hotel remains a beloved part of this extraordinary setting for centuries to come.

Together with our staff, we eagerly anticipate your visit to Kamikochi.

Kimie Fukuyama
General Manager,
Kamikochi Imperial Hotel