Amenities / Guest Services

A variety of amenities are available to ensure your sojourn with us is as perfect as possible.

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    Please understand that, due to limited quantities, we may not always be able to meet your requests.

Guestroom Equipments

TV, DVD player, Safe box, Desk mirror, Music box, binoculars, Electric kettle, Hair dryer, Pajamas, Bathrobe,Women's toiletries: Make up remover, Foaming Cleanser, Lotion, Emulsion, Men's toiletries: Hair tonic, Hair styling liquid, Aftershave lotion,Kamikochi map.

Guestroom Equipments upon Request and Amenities

Mobile phone chargers, Humidifiers, Electric fan, Air cleaner, Desk lamp, Electric heater, CD/MD player, Speaker, Blanket, Buckwheat pillow, Kamikochi nature guidebook, Bearbell, Umbrella, Rain poncho, Stock, Trekking shoes, Planisphere, Flashlight, Women's amenities: Cotton balls, Nail file, Nail polish remover, Hair elastic, Bath additives, Body lotion, Clothing deodorant, Playing cards, UNO, Shogi, Board game, and other items.

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    If you would like to request any items in the list, please notify us of your request.
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    Some of the items in the list are permanently available in some rooms.

Items for Children

Baby bed 2,530 yen (service charge and consumption tax included), Child's toothbrush, Slippers, and other items.

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    Other equipment for children is also available. Please feel free to contact us.

Guestroom Safety Aids

Shower chair, Bath grip, Non-slip mat, Toilet Handrail, and other items.

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    Please understand that, due to limited quantities, we may not always be able to meet your requests.
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    Please ask us of your request since some kinds of the rooms are not suitable to set these aids.

Reserve / Inquiry

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    Weekdays : 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Weekends & Holidays : Closed.


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