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General Information

Q I would like to see some plans of the hotel and where it is located.

Please refer to the Maps and Directions page.

Q Where can I obtain information such as the hotel address or access options?

Please refer to our list of access options.

Q Is the hotel open all the year?

We open the hotel in the later part of April and close early in November every year.

Q Do you have any basic information such as on Kamikochi’s climate?

Temperatures: Japan has four seasons and temperatures vary by season. In summer, the temperature confortably ranges to average highs of 22°C (72°F) in Kamikochi.
In early spring or late autumn it may be lower than 0°C ( 32°F).

Q What are your hotel dress codes?

Other than requesting guests avoid excessive exposure of skin or unsuitable clothing that may give a negative impression to other guests, we have no specific dress codes in public areas.
In the Dining Room, we request guests to avoid excessive casual clothes or shoes like T-shirts, knee pants, sandal shoes, or mountaineering boots.
Many of Gentlemen wear jackets and Ladies wear dress in the Dining Room.

Q Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept the following cards: AX / VS / MS / UC / DC / DN / JCB / SA and so on.

There may be limitations for cards not listed above, or at certain shops or restaurants, so please inquire for details.

Q Do you have any facilities or equipment for the disabled?

The foyer and entrances / exits have ramps, and there is a wheelchair-accessible multipurpose restroom located on the Lobby Floor. We do not have ostomate-accessible restrooms.

Q Do you provide wheelchairs for guest use?

We provide complimentary usage of wheelchairs within the hotel. Please inquire when making the reservation.

Q Are there any areas for breastfeeding or changing babies?

We do not have a nursing room. Please inquire at the front desk.
For changing babies, please use the baby-changing station in the multipurpose restroom located on the Lobby Floor.

Q Are there any smoking areas in the hotel?

We ask that you not smoke except in guestrooms or bars.

Q Are there any ATMs?

There are unforntunately no ATMs, Banks, Post Offices which provide cashing services in Kamikochi District. Please prepare cash in advance.
We accept, however, the following cards in Kamikochi Imperial Hotel: AX / VS / MS / UC / DC / DN / JCB / SA / UF / NS / Takashimaya

Q Is internet access available?

Residents guests may use high-speed LAN for free of charge in their rooms. We also provide Wi-Fi connections. Please inquire the staff at the Front Desk.
You may use Wi-Fi connections in the Lobby Floor. Please inquire the staff at the Front Desk.

Q Can I use the Reading Room if I am not a resident guest?

It is unfortunately restricted to resident guests. Resident guests can use it for free of charge.

Maps and Directions

Q How do I get to the hotel by a car?

Please note that the private cars are restricted in Kamikochi and they have to park at either Hirayu parking area or Sawando parking area. Shuttle bus and taxi are available at both parking area. Please also note that guests are requested to arrive at the hotel before 6:00 p.m. as the entrance to Kamikochi is closed at night.

Q I would like some information on local attractions.

Kamikochi is home to a number of places worth seeing on walks to enjoy its natural beauty.
These include the famous Kappa Bridge located in the central part of Kamikochi and a symbol of the area, Taisho Pond, with its impressive decayed trees still standing in the pond, and the mystical Myojin Pond, which has Hotaka Shrine Inner Alter on the side.

Q I would like to obtain a brochure or other materials.

We are honored to send them by mail, so please refer here for details.
Tel: +81-263-95-2001 (General Inquiries)
Fax: +81-263-95-2412


Q I left a thing in the Hotel. Can someone assist me?

Please telephone us or inquire the staff at the Front Desk. Tel: +81-263-95-2001 (General Inquiries)

Q Can I rent the walking shoes or other items convenient to walk around?

We offer umbrellas, walking shoes and maps of the surrounding areas for our resident guests. Please inquire the staff at the Front Desk.