La Brasserie

LL1, Tower Bldg.
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Prices are inclusive of tax and service charge.
Kindly inform us if you are allergic to certaion foods or are observing dietary restrictions.
Dishes is may vary depending upon availability.

Lunch Menu

4Plats Weekdays 7,500yen / Weekends and Holidays 7,800 yen
3Plats Weekdays 6,200yen / Weekends and Holidays 6,500 yen
2Plats Weekdays 4,800yen / Weekends and Holidays 5,100 yen

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▶ Please click here for the Weekends and Holiday's menu (PDF)

Dinner Menu

Menu Historique de l’Imperial 15,000 yen
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About the Hotel BAR
Blending Japanese and Western tastes with a sense of fun, this inviting bar offers a fresh, new place to both eat and socialize - a relaxed setting where you can enjoy the Imperial Hotel's sophisticated French cuisine, as well as local Japanese delights by Kagurazaka Ishikawa.

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La Brasserie
+81-3-3539-8073+81-3-3539-80731-1, Uchisaiwaicho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8558
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Tower Bldg., LL1

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