A Challenge to the Future

Paving the Way to the Future
With an Unwavering Mission in our Hearts.

image:ATTA- Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects
An image of Imperial Hotel, Tokyo's new main building designed by Tsuyoshi Tane
The exterior of the new main building in Kyoto.
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    The building on the right is the entrance area of Gion-Kobu Kaburenjo.

A Message from the President

The Imperial Hotel came into being in 1890 the year, Meiji 23 as a state guest house, at a time when the country had set its sights on modernization. Having experienced the Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei and Reiwa eras, we are now preparing ourselves to start on a new journey to welcome guests for the next hundred, or even two hundred years, to come as a "Made in Japan" hotel.
As we look toward the 150th anniversary of our hotel's opening in 2040, we want to create a new stage where the next generation of hotel staff can welcome customers with smiles and verve.
As a business that aims to become a top hotel on an international level, as set out in our core principles, we hope to bring you an ever-evolving Imperial Hotel for you to enjoy, so that we can offer you the very best service and products, and seamlessly continue the hotel operations that make up our main business going forward.

Hideya Sadayasu, President, Imperial Hotel, Ltd.

episode01 A Hotel Inheriting a History and a Culture
The New Kyoto Hotel Project to Preserve and Utilize Yasaka Kaikan

This Kyoto Project will mark the fourth establishment under the Imperial Hotel brand, continuing on from its hotels in Tokyo, Kamikochi and Osaka.
Located in Kyoto, the City of International Culture and Tourism representing Japan, the new hotel project will make use of the Yakasa Kaikan hall within the grounds of Gion Kobu Kaburenjo, which we believe will be very much in harmony with our corporate philosophy as well as our history of welcoming guests from around the world for over 130 years. By providing services with all the accumulated expertise we have cultivated to date, we will breathe new life into the Yakasa Kaikan hall that is so beloved in the area, as we also lift up the Imperial Hotel brand, weaving our way toward the future. The interior design will be taken on by Tomoyuki Sakakida of New Material Research Laboratory Co., Ltd.
The New Material Research Laboratory's proposal, based on the concept of "the old is new," was judged to be extremely compatible with this project, which aims to inherit historical and traditional values while also setting out to create new ones. The company has been selected as our partner in helping to create a new page for the Imperial Hotel.

©New Material Research Laboratory
Image of the completed entrance to the new hotel

episode02 Spreading Hospitality: The New Jewel of the Orient
Imperial Hotel, the Tokyo Marches On with the Times

Through partnering in the Uchisaiwaicho l Chome District Development Project "Tokyo Cross Park Vision," our flagship hotel at the Tokyo business site will undergo reconstruction while continuing to operate, including our banquet hall operations and their expanding operational area, as well as our new rental operations enterprise, our new brand of small luxury hotels, and other such business operations.
Construction on the tower building will begin in FY2024, and it is scheduled to open in FY2030 as a new complex equipped with service apartments, rental residences, offices, and commercial facilities.

New Main Building Inherits the "Jewel of the Orient"

Tsuyoshi Tane (ATTA - Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects), an architect based in France, has been appointed as the design architect for the new main building. Through his unique approach of using archeological research, Mr. Tane considers not only the Imperial Hotel but also the hotel industry itself. The concept has been put forward for a successor to "The Jewel of the Orient"—the expression used to describe Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel—as a radiant presence in the center of the capital, with the fusion of a "palace" structure that welcomes honored guests in with that of a "tower," the proof of human progress, as behooves a new, wholly unique state guest house, and to connect to the future. We are still in discussions with Mr. Tane to co-create a design that will embody the façade, presence and uniqueness of the Imperial Hotel when viewed from any perspective, near or far.

image:ATTA- Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects
An image of Imperial Hotel Tokyo's new main building designed by Tsuyoshi Tane

New Business Initiatives and Expansion of the Operational Area to Support Business Continuity

In a new expanded operational area of the Central Zone, a large banquet hall of over 1,000 square meters will be developed together with Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a partner of the Tokyo Cross Park Vision, and will be operating as a banquet hall for the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo.
Similarly, we are planning to establish a new brand of small luxury hotels specialized for accommodation together with our partner, NTT Urban Development Corporation.

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    The main building is scheduled to continue operating until FY2030, and will enter the rebuilding period in FY2031.
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    The schedule for the operating periods, construction and similar is tentative and subject to change depending on future reviews.


What is the Tokyo Cross Park Vision?

The 10 companies pushing the development of the Uchisaiwaicho 1-Chome District forward have announced five themes that will underpin the Tokyo Cross Park Vision business concept for the district. The district's project will be the largest development in central Tokyo, with a total floor area of 1.1 million square meters. It will be connected to the approximately 16-hectare Hibiya Park and comprise three zones: the North Zone, the Central Zone and the South Zone, which are planned to contain offices, commercial facilities, hotels, residential units, and much more.