SustainabilitySafety and Security / Barrier-Free Accessibility

Safety and security are the lifeline of our hotels. In our Group, we are promoting various initiatives under the guidance of the Risk Management Committee, including infectious disease countermeasures, food hygiene, disaster countermeasures, and crime prevention measures.


Risk Management Structure

Establishment of Risk Management Committee

Chaired by the President, the Risk Management Committee was established in 2003. Besides reporting on internal controls and various safety management systems, the committee discusses how to respond to new risk events in response to domestic and international situations.

Establishment of Food Safety & Trust Committee

Established in 2008 for the purpose of protecting and maintaining food safety and trust Group-wide, the Food Safety and Trust Committee is responsible for thorough implementation of measures against food poisoning, food safety and hygiene, allergy accident prevention, food labeling management, and pest control.

Development of manuals and conducting drills for Disaster and Terrorism Countermeasures, etc.

To respond promptly to disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, terrorist acts, and infrastructure outages, we have prepared various manuals and conducted company-wide and divisional drills, as well as periodic reviews of manuals.

In addition, the number of employees certified in first aid has been increased to protect the lives of our guests and employees.

Disaster Prevention Countermeasures for the entire community

Imperial Hotel Tokyo concluded an agreement with Chiyoda Ward in 2013 to accept travelers who have difficulty returning home.

In 2021, Imperial Hotel Osaka concluded a tripartite agreement with Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City regarding the acceptance of travelers in the event of a large-scale disaster.

Barrier-Free Accessibility

We are promoting barrier-free accessibility so that guests with disabilities can experience a comfortable stay at our hotels. In addition to improving the environment in terms of facilities, we are addressing both the hardware and software aspects through employee training and study sessions by employees with disabilities.

Provision of a barrier-free accommodation environment

We provide one universal design room with an electric adjustable bed, TV intercom, and assistive devices permanently installed. In March 2020, we added nine more barrier-free general guest rooms.

Maintenance of barrier-free facilities

Our facilities are equipped to support guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs, and service dogs. Wheelchair ramps, elevators that support wheelchair use, and multi-purpose restrooms are installed in the buildings.

Certified as a Tokyo Metropolitan Government "Barrier-free mindset" support company

The Imperial Hotel Tokyo has been certified as a Tokyo Metropolitan Government "Barrier-free mindset" support company.
The hotel was recognized for its efforts such as "seminars to improve nursing care support capabilities" to learn the appropriate methods for serving disabled and elderly people, reasonable consideration for employees with disabilities, and the addition of more barrier-free rooms.