SustainabilitySocial Contribution Programs

Imperial Hotel Group consider that social contribution is an important mission, so we are engaged in various approaches such as organizing charity events and volunteer activities.
Our "Social Contribution Team" takes the lead in community contribution activities in our drive to become a better member of the community.

Goal 4: Quality education, Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities, Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, Goal 17: Partnerships

Participation in Osaka "TEAM EXPO 2025 Co-creation Challenge"

The Imperial Hotel Osaka participated in the TEAM EXPO 2025 Co-Creation Challenge, a participatory program sponsored by the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition.

We conducted internships for foreign students in collaboration with the Osaka Global Student Support Association (Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau) and Transcend-Learning, which helps foreign students secure employment.
Our employees increased their awareness of diversity, and the international students deepened their understanding of Japanese hospitality and corporate culture.
This effort contributed to better employment support for international students, thereby embodying the SDGs.

Participated in "La Semaine du Goût (The Week of Taste)"® food education activities

We participated in the "La Semaine du Goût (The Week of Taste)"® food education program that has a track record of more than 30 years in France, and held taste classes on the theme of "Food Education and the SDGs" at local elementary schools in Tokyo and Osaka.

This provided an opportunity for the children to check the five tastes and also to think about where the foods they eat every day come from and whether they are being thrown away wastefully.

Agricultural Counsellor Perdreau of the Embassy of France in Japan and Tokyo Executive Chef Sugimoto

The Crest Hotel Kashiwa has registered as a Chiba SDGs Partner

The Crest Hotel Kashiwa has joined the Chiba Prefecture's SDGs Partner Members.

Organized events, such as harvesting experiences, sightseeing tours, and the provision of morning-harvested strawberries are held in collaboration with local farmers for all generations in the area.Social studies tours are also offered for local elementary schools.

CHI-BA+KUN, Chiba SDGs, Registration number: 953

Participation in "TABLE FOR TWO"

We participate in a program that aims to eliminate global food imbalances.
The employee cafeteria serves healthy menu items and also donates school meals for the same number of people to children in developing countries.
The "doubling happiness from the wedding table" theme of the wedding menu available from 2021 was also highly rated and won a prize at the "TFT Awards 2022."


Participation in Hibiya Uchimizu Month

From mid-July to the end of August, we performed "Uchimizu" water sprinkling jointly with 16 nearby facilities and organizations.
As consideration for the environment, we used the "Greywater" made by purifying the water used in the Tokyo’s tower guest rooms as the water to be sprinkled.