Sakura Quality An ESG Practice International Certification Acquisition (Tokyo, Osaka, Kamikochi)

Three of our hotels received the highest rating of "5 Sakura" out of five in the "Sakura Quality An ESG Practice" international certification system, which recognizes lodging facilities that practice the SDGs.

The certification uses a five-level scale to evaluate 172 items based on the 17 goals of the SDGs. The "5 Sakura" award is given to establishments that score a perfect score in the 172 items and is a recognition of their leadership role in the local community. We will continue to strive to maintain the quality that drives sustainable tourism through the PDCA cycle.

Sakura Quality An ESG Practice

Eco-Mark Certification (Tokyo, Osaka, Kamikochi, Kashiwa)

The hotel has received the Eco-Mark certification, which evaluates environmental communication and other measures that deepen users' understanding of the hotel's environmental activities and raise awareness of environmental concerns through their stay as guests, in addition to basic environmental measures such as energy conservation, water conservation and waste reduction.

Awards / Initiatives

Japan Hotel Association Award for Excellence at "Social Contribution Awards"

For the fourth consecutive year, our company won the "JHA Chairman Award for Excellent Social Contribution by Member Hotels" for our efforts in environmental protection, energy conservation, barrier-free design, disaster prevention and mitigation, and response to the pandemic and post-coronavirus era. This was in recognition of our promotion of further sustainability for the solution of social issues.

Making the Kamikochi Imperial Hotel a sustainable hotel as it celebrates 90 years

Kamikochi Imperial Hotel has begun a new chapter in its history as the very model of a sustainable hotel.

In addition to achieving carbon neutrality, it is also working with customers and the local community to reduce its environmental impact, such as by recycling all food waste.

Declaration of Partnership Building

We aim to build new partnerships by promoting collaboration and co-existence throughout the supply chain.