SustainabilityESG Data List

Below is the list of ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) data on the business activities of the Group.


(1) Energy consumption based on the Revised Energy Conservation Act (crude oil equivalent)

FY2012 26,609kl FY2013 26,520kl FY2014 25,736kl FY2015 25,618kl FY2016 25,614kl FY2017 24,235kl FY2018 24,196kl FY2019 23,180kl FY2020 18,755kl FY2021 20,264kl FY2022 21,185kl
  • *
    Total of four business sites (Tokyo, Osaka, Kamikochi, and Kashiwa); preliminary figures for FY2022

(2) Amount of food waste generated (weight) and recycling rate based on the Food Waste Recycling Law

FY2012 1,416.6t Recycling rate 56.0% FY2013 1,448.7t Recycling rate 59.9% FY2014 1,431.2t Recycling rate 64.7% FY2015 1,428.4t Recycling rate 61.3% FY2016 1,439.8t Recycling rate 59.7% FY2017 1,427.2t Recycling rate 66.6% FY2018 1,371.3t Recycling rate 65.9% FY2019 1,372.4t Recycling rate 65.1% FY2020 493.1t Recycling rate 64.7% FY2021 604.6t Recycling rate 69.1% FY2022 804.5t Recycling rate 69.8%
  • *
    Total of four business sites (Tokyo, Osaka, Kamikochi, and Kashiwa); preliminary figures for FY2022 / Mandatory figures for FY2022 are 56%.

(3) Specific Greenhouse Gas Emissions [Tokyo]

FY2012 29,550t Against baseline emissions ▲13.4% FY2013 29,396t Against baseline emissions ▲13.8% FY2014 28,559t※1 Against baseline emissions ▲16.3% FY2015 32,066t※2 Against baseline emissions ▲19.9% FY2016 31,800t Against baseline emissions ▲20.5% FY2017 29,349t Against baseline emissions ▲26.7% FY2018 29,420t Against baseline emissions ▲26.4% FY2019 28,749t Against baseline emissions ▲28.2% FY2020 23,286t Against baseline emissions ▲41.8% FY2021 25,241t Against baseline emissions ▲36.9% FY2022 25,257t Against baseline emissions ▲36.9%

[Global warming countermeasures plan based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Environmental Security] Between FY2002 and FY2007, we set the average value for the three years between FY2002 and FY2004 as the base emissions.

  • *1
    Reduction obligation rate: 8.0% until FY2014 (Base year emissions: 34,113 tons)
  • *2
    From FY2015, reduction obligation rate is 17.0% (Base year emissions are 40,017 tons due to changes in emission factors)
  • *3
    From FY2020, reduction obligation rate is 27.0% (Base year emissions are 40,017 tons)
  • *4
    FY2022 figures are preliminary figures

Diversity Promotion

(1) Number of female managers

FY2016 47 person 11.8% FY2017 52 person 12.7% FY2018 53 person 12.6% FY2019 55 person 13.1% FY2020 54 person 12.8% FY2021 59 person 13.5% FY2022 67 person 15.1% FY2023 73 person 16.4%
  • *
    Target value of the Action Plan for Women's Advancement Promotion as of April 1 each year: 20% by the end of April 2027

(2) Number of employees on childcare leave

FY2015  Male employees taking childcare leave:2% FY2016 Male employees taking childcare leave:9% FY2017 Male employees taking childcare leave:10% FY2018 Male employees taking childcare leave:7% FY2019 Male employees taking childcare leave:20.9% FY2020 Male employees taking childcare leave:23.1% FY2021 Male employees taking childcare leave:33.3% FY2022 Male employees taking childcare leave:48.3%
  • *
    The rate of female employees taking childcare leave is 100% from FY2015 to FY2022
  • *
    The target rate for male employees is 50% by the end of April 2027