Banquet Hall Usage Styles

Dinner / Formal Seating

The Formal Seating style is a seated layout with multiple round tables. This style exudes a formal atmosphere, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions such as official gatherings, celebratory events, wedding receptions, and business dinners.
Guests can enjoy their meals over an extended period, making dining itself a special experience. Additionally, meticulous table settings and refined service facilitate lively interactions among guests, 
leaving a lasting impression and creating a sense of exclusivity.

Standing Buffet

The Buffet/Cocktail Buffet style, without seating, allows for free movement and is conducive to casual conversations and networking. This style is characterized by a relaxed atmosphere and is used for cocktail parties and casual events.
The Buffet style is highly space-efficient, making it ideal for events with large gatherings. It combines a casual atmosphere with a variety of dining options, providing an enjoyable time for participants.

Seated Buffet / Cocktail Buffet

Guests can freely choose their food and drinks and then enjoy their meal in a seated position.
This style, which offers a variety of dishes, is frequently used for a range of events, such as seminars, networking events, casual wedding receptions and wedding after-parties.
It offers an approach where guests can enjoy meals while seated, yet provides a different ambiance and progression style.

Theater Style

This style is designed principally for lectures or presentations.
It does not include tables and has seats facing in one direction, bringing the speakers closer to the audience and facilitating communication between the speakers and participants.
Participants can easily focus on the stage and speakers, allowing the smooth relay of information.
This style is commonly used for presentations and lectures at large-scale events.
It is ideal for MICE, academic conferences, and seminars where mass information dissemination and focused learning are required.

Classroom Style

The Classroom Style features chairs and desks arranged facing the front podium, allowing participants to focus on the speaker, take notes, and keep them organized.
A key characteristic is that speakers can easily see all participants, making it popular for lectures and seminars.

O-Shape / Square-shape

In this style, long tables are arranged to form a rectangle.
Participants share long tables while facing each other, facilitating easy communication even in large groups.
This style is commonly used in international conferences and executive meetings, where high-ranking officials gather.

The U-shape style

The U-shape layout allows the entire audience to interact freely while focusing on the host or speaker(s) positioned at the center or front of the room.
This format is conducive to easy communication between key individuals and all guests, and is commonly used for presentation sessions, briefing sessions, development meetings, and corporate training.
When the use of visual aids or space for presentations is required, the U-shape layout can be beneficial as the central space can be utilized for presentations or speeches.


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