Banquet Halls Mai Room

The Mai Room is distinct for its interior design reminiscent of glamorous luxury ship cabins. As well as being used for celebrations such as wedding receptions, the calm atmosphere of this space is also suitable for meetings or conferences.

Basic Information

3rd Floor, Main Building
Venue Area Ceiling Dinner Standing Buffet Cocktail Buffet Theatre Classroom Square-shape U-shape
Mai Room 159 sqm 2.8 m 100 100 60 120 80 60 54
Venue Mai Room
Area 159 sqm
Ceiling 2.8 m
Dinner 100
Standing Buffet 100
Cocktail Buffet 60
Theatre 120
Classroom 80
Square-shape 60
U-shape 54

Facilities/Floor Drawings


Lighting Consoles : Fader, 32 Memories each


Audio Mixing Consoles : 6 Input
Audio Equipment : Cassette Tape Deck, Compact Disc/Mini Disc One Model Player

Internet Access

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Room Arrangement


Capacity : 100 guests

Cocktail Buffet

Capacity : 100 guests

Theater style

Capacity : 120 guests

Classroom style

Capacity : 80 guests

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Sales Department
* Weekdays : 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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