Two Worlds Under One Roof

Your chance to live at the Imperial Hotel.
In living and working quarters provided by a Tokyo legend.
A rare choice to live, for days on end,
surrounded by the attentive hospitality and luxury of the Imperial Hotel.
Overlooking the lush greenery and dazzle of the adjacent Ginza,
our Hibiya location lures visitors
with its array of inviting settings and rich culture,
colorful entertainment and seductive shopping.
Nearby are prominent business districts,
government offices and the unmatched convenience of
superb transportation options.
A virtually perfect base for business, and the extraordinary hospitality of
a world renowned hotel,
cultivated over 130 years as a national guesthouse,
promises you a most comfortable and diverse lifestyle.


The Serviced Apartment operations will end with departures on Jun 29, 2024.
The 30 nights consecutive rate plan has reached the maximum limit and is completely sold out.


01 Dedicated Service Attendants

Imperial Hotel hospitality staff wish to help you experience a relaxing and comfortable stay. We thus provide a variety of services, including the acceptance of your goods delivered during your absence.

02 Complimentary Internet Access and Wi-Fi

Each guest room is provided with free Internet access. In addition, guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi access from anywhere within the hotel during their stay.
Speed Maximum upload/download speeds of 1 Gbps (best-effort delivery)

03 Community Room

There are community usage rooms on each floor, equipped with a washer / dryer, microwave oven, toaster, etc., provided exclusively for our guests occupying the serviced apartments.

  • *
    These items are not installed in serviced apartment guest rooms. Rooms are not equipped with a kitchen except Residential Suites.
  • *
    The layout depicted in the images are an example only, as the fixtures and services may depending on the floor.

04 Trouble-free Application

There are no complicated procedures involved, such as real estate contract negotiations, so reservations can be processed speedily.

05 Security

A security door is installed in front of the elevator hall of the Tower Building. Each serviced apartment guest room is equipped with a safety box.


Luggage Storage

Your stored luggage will be made available to you at your convenience.

  • *
    Storage is limited to 2 pieces, the volume of each should not exceed 160 cm.


Guests can use the hotel's parking lot during their stay.

Regular Floor

Special rate 10,000yen / 5 nights

High Floor, Penthouse Floor, Residential Floor


The parking lot is open 24 hours a day.

  • *
    Vehicle registration / up to 1 car per apartment.

Coffee and Tea Service

Coffee or tea is available free of charge at the Rendez-vous Lounge located on the 1st floor of the Main Building.

  • *
    Available to serviced apartments registered guests only.

Meeting Room

A meeting room (seats up to 6 persons) is available, up to 2 hours per day.

Regular Floor

Special rate 9,487yen / 1hour

High Floor, Penthouse Floor, Residential Floor


Fitness Center, Pool and Sauna

Our guests have access to fitness center, pool and sauna on the 20th floor of the Tower Building.

Regular Floor

 Each facility is available at a preferential rate of \1,100.

High Floor, Penthouse Floor, Residential Floor


Please Note

Corporate contracts and exclusive plans may be exempt from certain benefits.
For details, please confirm with your booking source or contact us through the inquiry form.

Optional Subscription Services

In-House Laundry Service

We provide several pricing plans to suit your needs.

Room Service(11:00a.m.-10:00p.m.)

Selections from the room service menu.

Prior to Reservation

Detailed information on staying at Imperial Hotel Serviced Apartments is provided on the Internet.
Please check before booking.


Regular Floors

These floors are for affordable stay. There are some limitations on the privileges.

  • Preferential rate of fitness center, pool and sauna 1,100 yen for each facility.
  • Preferential rate of hotel parking 10,000yen / 5 nights (1 car per room).
  • Preferential rate of meeting room 9,487 yen / 1 hour (up to 2 hours per day / advance reservation is required)

High Floors

You can enjoy a range of complimentary benefits.
There is a free coffee machine in each community room.

Penthouse Floor

Located on the top floor of the Imperial Tower, the high ceiling of the luxurious Penthouse accommodation affords one the dual sensation of freedom and relaxation. All privileges are obtainable free of charge.

Residential Floor

This suite-only floor features facilities such as mini-kitchens, wardrobes and shoe cabinet in each suite. All privileges are obtainable free of charge.

For Serviced Apartments

Telephone Inquiries