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A new chapter in Japanese dining

Nowadays, Japanese cuisine is loved the world over, and renowned chefs from overseas study its ethos and techniques.
With our fresh take on Japanese dining, we give VIPS from around the world a warm welcome with a distinctly Japanese spirit.
This new chapter in history starts with Imperial Hotel's Torakuro.

The sensory experience when seated at the counter.

Fine Japanese cuisine places great importance on drawing out the flavors of seasonal ingredients, and on the sensory experience customers are treated to when seated at the counter, watching as the food is charcoal-grilled and steamed in front of them.

Imperial Hotel delivers the ultimate in Japanese cuisine in partnership with Michelin three-star restaurants

We have partnered with two Michelin three-star restaurants, Kagurazaka Ishikawa and Kohaku, absolute leaders in contemporary Japanese cuisine.
Masashi Takami has honed his skills at both of these fine restaurants, and now we welcome him to dazzle us with his magic at the Imperial Hotel. We have been developing our French cuisine for over a century, and now we are delighted to offer unparalleled Japanese cuisine to our customers, too.

About the Hotel BAR
Blending Japanese and Western tastes with a sense of fun, this inviting bar offers a fresh, new place to both eat and socialize - a relaxed setting where you can enjoy the Imperial Hotel's sophisticated French cuisine, as well as local Japanese delights by Kagurazaka Ishikawa.

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