The Ballrooms Empire Room

The Empire Room features primarily white, European-style interiors and mirror doors—making it a ballroom worthy of an international city like Osaka. With 7m ceilings, decorated balconies, windows with bright light streaming in, sparkling Venetian crystal chandeliers, and more, this is the perfect space for hosting glamorous events such as dinner shows, fashion shows or dance parties.

Basic Information

3rd Floor
Venue Area Ceiling Dinner Standing Buffet Cocktail Buffet Theatre Classroom Square-shape U-shape
Empire Room 946 sqm
(Anteroom 220 sqm+Main room 726 sqm)
7.9 m 410 600 250 680 390 134 96
Venue Empire Room
Area 946 sqm
(Anteroom 220 sqm+Main room 726 sqm)
Ceiling 7.9 m
Dinner 410
Standing Buffet 600
Cocktail Buffet 250
Theatre 680
Classroom 390
Square-shape 134
U-shape 96

Facilities/Floor Drawings

Simultaneous Interpretation System

Capacity : 4 languages
Interpreter's Booths : 2 units


LightingsControl Room
Lighting Consoles : 3-stage Preset 60 Faders, Effects Controller, DMX512 Control
Lights : Xenon Pin Spotlights, Pearlite

SoundControl Room

Audio Mixing Consoles : 32 monaural, 4 stereo Input
Equipment : Compact Disc Deck, Microphone, Wireless Microphone (2 channels)

Internet Access

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Room Arrangement


Capacity : 410 guests


Capacity : 600 guests

Theater style

Capacity : 680 guests

Classroom style

Capacity : 390 guests

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