The Imperial Hotel, Osaka's SDGs Initiatives Sustainability

Since its opening on March 15, 1996, Osaka, the "city of water," under the philosophy of aiming to be one of the best hotels in the world under the concepts of "Kansai's Guest House," "a hotel loved by women," and "a hotel cherished by locals," the Imperial Hotel, Osaka has been striving to co-create a sustainable society with the local community.

Acquisition of International Certification for Lodging Facilities that Practice the SDGs (Tokyo, Osaka, Kamikochi)

On March 19, 2023, three of the Imperial Hotel, Ltd.'s facilities (Tokyo, Osaka, and Kamikochi) received the highest rating of 5 in the “Sakura Quality An ESG Practice" certification system, which recognizes lodging facilities that practice the SDGs. The Imperial Hotel, Ltd. is the first company to have won the highest rating.

Environmental Initiatives

7 Affordable and Clean Energy 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities 12 Responsible Consumption and Production 13 Climate Action 14 Life Below Water 15 Life On Land

Introduction of CO2-free Electricity from October 2023

Aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, CO2-free electricity was introduced throughout the facilities in October 2023.

Food Loss Reduction

Turning Food Loss into "Circular Economy Vegetables "
As an initiative to recycle food waste generated in the hotel's restaurants and banquet halls, we have been turning left-overs into fertilizer for growing vegetables through partner companies  since 2012. We purchase vegetables grown using this fertilizer, termed "circular economy vegetables," and use them in some of our restaurant menus.

The Imperial Floor Lounge, which is exclusive for guests, offers Sakura An Bread, which is made from leftover bread dough  based on the concept of utilizing every last ingredient to reduce food waste.

Recycled Cork Coasters

Wine corks consumed in our restaurants and banquet halls are sorted, cleaned, and repurposed through NPOs and social welfare corporations.
A portion of the proceeds from these products are used to support the independence of people with disabilities.
Our original Doorman Snoopy coasters, which are made from reused cork, are given to customers who have enjoyed the Doorman Snoopy afternoon tea served at the casual restaurant Café Couvert.

Community Contribution Activities

1 No Poverty 10 Reduced Inequalities 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities 12 Responsible Consumption and Production 17 Partnerships for the Goals

Collaboration with and Contributions to the Community

Tenjin Festival
Each summer, we celebrate Osaka's summer tradition, the Tenjin Festival, with parades inside and outside the hotel, including floats, traditional dances, and a children’s portable shrine procession, and we have established a Tenjin Festival exhibition space. We also hold a Tenjin Festival photo contest to create even more excitement for the festival with the community.
Volunteer Activities
Every Christmas, staff of the Imperial Hotel, Osaka and Santa Claus visit hospitals and care facilities.

Promotion of Environmental Activities with the Community

The Imperial Hotel, Osaka is located on the banks of the Okawa River, which fills the heart of the city with abundant water and offers the beauty of nature throughout the seasons. The hotel staff participates in local cleaning activities to preserve this beautiful landscape.

Activity Participated In
Osaka Clean-up Campaign

Donation/Fundraising Activities

Chapel Concerts
In partnership with the Sankei Shimbun Social Welfare Association , we regularly hold charity concerts, "Music at the Imperial Hotel," and we donate a portion of the proceeds to social welfare projects.
Chapel Concerts
Food Bank Activities
Before replacing emergency food supplies and drinking water nearing expiration, we donated them to Food Bank OSAKA  as part of our efforts to reduce food loss.
Participation in TABLE FOR TWO
Of the world's 7 billion people, 1 billion suffer from hunger and malnutrition, while 2 billion suffer from obesity and other food-related lifestyle diseases. TABLE FOR TWO is a social contribution program from Japan that aims to address the serious food imbalance.
The Imperial Hotel, Osaka offers designated healthy lunches at the employee cafeteria on UN commemoration days and other occasions. For each designated healthy lunch with reduced calories consumed by employees, a total of 20 yen (10 yen from the employee and 10 yen from the Imperial Hotel) is donated for one school meal for children in African countries and Asia through a non-profit organization .

Nurturing the Next Generation

Co-creation Challenge
The Imperial Hotel, Osaka collaborates with Transcend-Learning and the Osaka Global Student Support Association  to run a project supporting the employment of foreign students in Japan called Pair Internships for the Betterment of the Three Sectors (Industry, Government, Academia) , and participates in the TEAM EXPO 2025 Co-Creation Challenge .
The logo symbolizing this initiative was selected from ideas submitted by foreign students.
La Semaine du Goût®
Participating in the "La Semaine du Goût®," a food education activity with over 30 years of history in France, we conduct taste education classes at local elementary schools.

Diversity Initiatives

3 Good Health and Well-Being 5 Gender Equality 10 Reduced Inequalities


We offer hospitality that ensures guests with children can also feel at ease during their stays.

Barrier-free Access

We provide facilities such as ostomate-friendly restrooms and barrier-free rooms.

Sanitary boxes are installed in both women's and men's restrooms.

Vegan Menu Items

To allow more guests to enjoy their meals, we offer vegan menu items at the casual restaurant, Café Couvert (on 2nd floor).