Imperial Hotel Tokyo: Aiming to be a sustainable hotel Sustainability

Aiming for a sustainable hotel that is gentle to mankind, the earth, and the future

Opening as Japan's state guest house, the Imperial Hotel inherited the philosophy of its first chairman, Shibusawa Eiichi, to “respond to and contribute to the needs of society,” and in line with this, we are undertaking various initiatives to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We work together with customers toward a sustainable future by proposing products and services that seek true affluence by achieving both luxury and sustainability.

Acquisition of International Certification for Lodging Facilities that Practice the SDGs (Tokyo, Osaka, Kamikochi)

On March 19, 2023, three of the Imperial Hotel, Ltd.'s facilities (Tokyo, Osaka, and Kamikochi) received the highest rating of 5 in the “Sakura Quality An ESG Practice" certification system, which recognizes lodging facilities that practice the SDGs. The Imperial Hotel, Ltd. is the first company to have won the highest rating.

Sakura Quality An ESG Practice

The SDGs: Supporting the Future of the Imperial Hotel

In line with Shibusawa Eiichi's belief in working for the public benefit, every employee considers genuine richness and contribution to the SDGs through our products and services. Please watch the video to share our journey towards a sustainable future.

Reduction of plastic usage such as guest room amenities

To reduce marine plastic waste and CO2 emissions, we are systematically reducing plastic usage at our four directly managed sites (Tokyo, Osaka, Kamikochi, Kashiwa).

In fiscal 2023, we aim to reduce plastic usage by approximately 13 tons annually (about an 85% reduction rate compared to fiscal 2019) for the 12 items targeted by the Plastic Resource Circulation Act.

Guest Room Amenities

Switching all guest room amenities to bamboo, wood, and biomass materials will reduce plastic usage by about 90% compared to products used heretofore.

PET Bottles

The drinking water provided in rooms has been switched from plastic bottles to paper containers.

Straws, Cutlery

In addition to switching to straws made of paper or biomass material in restaurants, the cutlery sold at Gargantua also uses natural materials.

Promotion of eco-friendly products

These products were created as part of our work to contribute to achieving the SDGs that the international community is striving for.

Sustainable Salt

Sustainable ideas from the staff

Hotel staff introduce the Imperial Hotel’s sustainable activities.

Tokyo Imperial Lounge Aqua Cocktails

  • Cafe Gin & Tonic
  • Espresso Martini

"We've utilized the seldom-used bitter peel of fruits to create cocktails, with a special syrup made from layering peel and sugar as our secret ingredient."

Imperial Lounge Aqua Bartender, Niji Suzaki

Ringo Leather ®, the First Material of This Type in Japan

Table mats made of Ringo Leather® were introduced for the Le Salon “Intimité”*  private dining plan designed by the head chef of the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo.

Ringo Leather® is made from the apple (ringo in Japanese ) pulp that is a left-over product of cider brewing in Nagano Prefecture. It has been adopted for its plant-based origin and functional equivalence to traditional faux leather.

Energy alternatives for a carbon-free society

The Kamikochi Imperial Hotel

Imperial Hotel (Tokyo, Osaka)

Using Carbon-neutral LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) for Kitchen Gas (Tokyo, Osaka)

The electricity consumed by the lobby's chandelier and the Monument Clock is covered 100% by renewable energy. (Tokyo)

Aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, CO2-free electricity was introduced throughout the facilities in October 2023. (Tokyo, Osaka)

Diversity initiatives such as barrier-free services and support for people with disabilities

Supporting Para Artists

Through purchases of digital artwork created by para artists, we support the social participation and sustainable economic independence of people with disabilities.


Activity with local people

  • Entertainment Town of Hibiya, Uchimizu Month (Tokyo)
  • Entertainment Town of Hibiya, Uchimizu Month (Tokyo)2
  • Participation in Kamikochi Beautification Association

Entertainment Town of Hibiya, Uchimizu Month (Tokyo)

Participation in Kamikochi Beautification Association

Summer Tradition: Tenjin Festival (Osaka)

Each summer, we hold exhibitions and events related to the Tenjin Festival, one of Japan's three major festivals, introducing its charms. We also offer plans that allow guests to watch the dedication fireworks while staying or dining.

Participation in La Semaine du Goût ®

We conducted taste education classes at local elementary schools. (Tokyo, Osaka)

Hibiya Park Flowerbeds (Tokyo)

In collaboration with Hibiya Park, we manage the flowerbeds there.