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Imperial Floors

19th–21st Floors

The distilled history and elegance of the imperial

The Imperial Floors, covering Floors 19 through to 21, contain our highest quality rooms.
Time here on the Imperial Floors flows with its own elegant rhythms, embodying the level of traditional Japanese service, the spirit of omotenashi, that the world has expected of the Imperial Hotel from its opening in 1890.
Its dignified beauty and functionality offer a welcome to satisfy even our most distinguished guests, providing the first-class relaxation.

  • Imperial Floor Suite

    From windows facing east, you can see the distant ridgelines of the Ikoma mountain range, and from below, the majestic flow of the Okawa River. We promise a comfortable stay with a 100-square-meter room type or a more spacious room that has satisfied numerous VIPs.

    • 100-400 sqm
    • Twin / Double
  • Imperial Floor Junior Suite

    An exclusive space with only six rooms. The mist sauna, unique to the Junior Suites, offers a true relaxation time without the feeling of suffocation.

    • 60 sqm
    • Twin / Double
  • Imperial Floor Deluxe

    An elegant and graceful space recommended for those who want to experience a bit of luxury or celebrate a special occasion. Enjoy a comfortable sleep with the Imperial Hotel's original bed and duvet, and experience the hospitality of the Imperial Hotel.

    • 40 sqm
    • Twin / Double
  • Imperial Floor Superior

    A more relaxing room with a double bed, ideal for business executives or couples. The night view of the city from the windows will set the scene for your time before sleep.

    • 30-38 sqm
    • Double

Regular Floors

7th–18th Floors

Tradition and innovation: pursuing of dignity and functional elegance

They are high-quality floors that meet various needs, including leisure and business stays, and visits with family and friends.

  • Regular Floor Suite

    Featuring an open entrance, separate parlor and bedroom, and a bright bath area flooded with natural light. This is the Imperial Hotel Osaka's representative suite where everything is luxuriously arranged in a 100-square-meter space, offering a 180-degree river view.

    • 100 sqm
    • Twin / Double
  • Regular Floor Superior

    You can enjoy the beautiful nature along the river that changes with the seasons right below, allowing for a relaxed atmosphere. The bright and open bathroom with an integrated shower booth provides relaxation to all guests, regardless of age or gender.

    • 40 sqm
    • Twin / Double
  • Regular Floor Standard

    A spacious 30-square-meter room. Furnished and fitted with calm design furniture, creating a more refined and comfortable space. Suitable for both business and leisure for a comfortable moment.

    • 30 sqm
    • Twin / Double

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