LL1, Main Bldg.
  • Private Room (less than 7 people)
  • Private Room (10 people or more)
  • Reception
  • Large Gathering
  • Table for One

Kindly inform us if you are allergic to certaion foods or are observing dietary restrictions.
Dishes is may vary depending upon availability.

Lunch & Dinner Menu

Lunch NIGIRI : 4,600 yen
Appetizer, 7nigiri, omulet, soup

SAKURA : 6,500 yen
8 nigiri, omulet, 1 nori-maki, soup, pickles, dessert

FUJI : 11,000 yen
Appetizer, 9 nigiri, 1 tuna roll, soup, pickles, dessert

SUBARU : 16,500 yen
Chef's Special choice Sushi Set. 11 nigiri, omulet, vinegared dish, pickles, desert

TSUKI : 18,500 yen
Appetizer, 4 assorted sashimi, 9 nigiri, omulet, soup, pickles, desert

BARA - CHIRASHI : 5,500 yen
A scattered sushi dish made mainly with stewed ingredients and marinades, soup, pickles, dessert

A scattered sushi dish topped mainly with raw ingredients such as sashimi, soup, pickles, dessert

MAGURODON : 7,800 yen
A scattered sushi dish mixed and dressed with lean tuna, wasabi, japanese honewort and simmered soy sauce and sake, soup, pickles, dessert

A scattered sushi dish topped mainly with 4 slices of marinated tuna, conger eel, and salmon roe, soup, pickles, dessert

Course Menu

HOURYO : 19,500 yen
Appetizer, vinegared seaweed salad, grilled fish, 5 assorted sashimi, 7nigiri, 1 tuna roll, soup, pickles, dessert

SHIOSAI : 29,000 yen
Appetizer, 3 assorted appetizer, 5 assorted sashimi, grilled fish, 9 nigiri, omelet, soup, pickles, dessert

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    Prices are inclusive of consumption tax and service charge.

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