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Osaka Invites You on a One of a Kind Adventure.

Tsutenkaku tower

A healthy serving of surrealism, anyone?
The richly postwar dream icon, the Tsutenkaku Tower in Shinsekai.


Puppeteers in black consider themselves invisible at Bunraku
puppet theatre, a celebrated and unforgettable Osakan art form.

Osaka castle


The ramparts of Osaka Castle (top). Vibrant fall foliage like
this from the veranda of a garden villa can be enjoyed in
Kansai through the beginning of December.

Peacock room

Junior suite

Our expansive Peacock Ballroom in the Imperial Hotel, Osaka, evokes
touches of our 1923 Tokyo masterwork by Frank Lloyd Wright (top).
Quiet opulence assures guests an unrivaled array of comforts in
an airy junior suite in The Imperial in Osaka.