BuffetsThe Imperial Viking Sal

17F, Main Bldg.
  • Private Room (10 people or more)
  • Kids Friendly
  • Reception
  • Anniversary
  • Large Gathering
  • Casual

Kindly inform us if you are allergic to certaion foods or are observing dietary restrictions.
Dishes is may vary depending upon availability.

Our Recommendations

Chinese and Japanese Cuisine Added

Chinese dishes such as Peking Duck and dim sum supervised by Shigeyoshi Hata, longtime chef of the Chinese restaurant Jasmine Garden at the Imperial Hotel, Osaka, and Japanese dishes such as wanmono bowl dishes and tempura that allow you to enjoy seasonal ingredients, have been added.

Roast Beef with Horseradish

This is a popular menu item at the Imperial Viking Sal.
In 1923, when the Wright Building was completed, Tetsuzō Inumaru, the then-general manager of the Imperial Hotel, inspired by his training in Europe, conceived of a restaurant service using wagons.
Having roast beef placed on wagons that were specially ordered at the time and carved in front of the guests became popular.

Lunch Menu


Adults 12,000 yen / Children (ages 4-12) 6,500 yen

Weekends & Holidays

Adults 14,000 yen / Children (ages 4-12) 8,000 yen

Dinner Menu


Adults 17,000 yen / Children (ages 4-12) 8,500 yen

Weekends & Holidays

Adults 19,000 yen / Children (ages 4-12) 10,000 yen

Drink Menu

Free Drinks 5,000 yen

Beer (small bottle), Wine (white & red)
Orange Juice, Peach Juice, Cola, Ginger Ale, Cold Green Tea

  • *
    For an additional 2,000 yen, you can also enjoy sparkling wine, whiskey, sake, barley shochu, and Shaoxing wine.

Soft Drinks 1,800 yen

Orange Juice, Peach Juice, Cola, Ginger Ale, Cold Green Tea, Cofee, Tea


Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold 2,000 yen


Perrer-Jouёt Grand Brut (Glass) 2,950 yen

White Wines

Glass 2,500 yen each
Shimonnet-Febvre Chablis
Sileni Estates Grand Reserve Sauvugnon Blanc
Trimbach Gewurztraminer

Red Wines

Glass 2,500 yen each
Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Pinot Noir
Chianti Classico Riserva/Castello Di Albola
Clarendelle Rouge


Hakkaisan (Imperial Hotel Original Bottle, 180ml) 2,600 yen
Kurodasho TAKO 2021 (180ml) 3,200 yen
NABESHIMA (120ml) 2,700 yen
KID "Muryozan" (120ml) 1,950 yen

Shaoxing wine

Shaoxingjiu 15 years (500ml) 17,800 yen
Shaoxingjiu 8 years (320ml) 3,200 yen
Shaoxingjiu 8 years (640ml) 6,400 yen


Moriizo 4,200 yen

NonAlcolic Beverage

JOYEA: Organic Non Alcolic Sparkling Wine 2,050 yen
Low Alcohol Beer Asahi Beery(Alc.0.5%) 1,650 yen
Non Alcohol Beer 1,650 yen
Concord Grape Juice 1,400 yen
Muscat Juice 1,500 yen
Peach Squash 1,750 yen
Various Juice 1,300 yen
Various Mineral Water From 1,400 yen
Coffee, Tea 600 yen

  • *
    Prices include service charge and consumption tax. (Coffee and tea are not included.)

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Buffets The Imperial Viking Sal

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